Changing Students’ Lives

PIPs can be the difference-maker for students, providing ways to make the world a better place while mitigating school cost.



Kevin P.

P4S Scholar at RIVER FUND

Kevin P.

For 26-year-old Kevin Persaud, being a PIPs for School (P4S) Scholar is one of the many, many hats he wears. A master’s student at the City College of New York and aspiring medical student, Kevin works in a laboratory to develop novel bioactive molecules for viral or cancer therapeutic solutions. When he’s not nose-deep in school work, he’s working as a pharmacy technician, a tutor, a teacher’s assistant, and a RIVER FUND volunteer. Where does Kevin get the energy for all of this? It all stems from the joy he gets from person-to-person interaction. “That’s one thing I like about PIPs,” he says, “is that it connects you to the community.” Kevin’s mindset has always been and in all likelihood will continue to be community-oriented, as is evident in his plans for his future as a professional in the medical field. He wants to work to make healthcare more accessible for low-income communities while reducing the barrage of medical waste plaguing hospitals and other medical centers. “It’s just so common that when you’re in the hospital you just see alcohol pads thrown all over the place…you see needles on the floor,” he laments. “I think I would like to get involved in understanding how we can reuse certain things.”

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